The endless views, the dazzling natural colors, the unique smells and spiritual sounds of the Altiplano create a wondrous feeling of life and joy. This unique environment is home to the alpacas, historically indigenous to the region and at one with the beautiful landscape.

The care, farming and nurturing of these beautiful animals by hand-crafting their wool has been developed over centuries. The end product of this pure and organic process, the refined alpaca wool, is an authentic, natural and unspoiled product. Using this wool for weaving the most beautiful garments is then a tribute to the beauty of the Altiplano and the alpacas who exist there.

Alpaca is considered by the fashion world as one of the most natural, sustainable, exclusive and luxurious fibers. Softer than cashmere, warmer and stronger than lambswool. High-grade alpaca, such as royal and baby alpaca has an extreme low prickle factor. So it does not itch and most people can comfortably wear pure alpaca directly on their skin. Alpaca contains no lanolin, which means it is hypo-allergenic. Alpaca has a unique breathability and works as a natural insulator because of it’s microscopic air-pockets. This allows it to trap body heat on cold days and likewise, make it breathe on warmer days. This means you can wear alpaca all year round.

Rasa Lila brings this luxuriant wool alive, it feels good and gives the wearer a true experience of the joy of life.